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CONSTRUCTION, MINING & QUARRYING maintains a database of over 16,000 original equipment manufacturers and service suppliers to the construction, building, mining and quarrying industries worldwide.

Manufacturers and Service Suppliers


For details of original equipment manufacturers and service suppliers CLICK on a specific category. List items in CAPITALS shows all companies and can be large files.

bullet   Accumulators, hydraulic
bullet   Actuators, air / electric / hydraulic / rotary
bullet   Adapters
bullet   Air conditioning, cab
bullet   Battery Monitoring Equipment
bullet   Bearings
bullet   Cabs and canopies
bullet   Chains and chain accessories
bullet   Components, air starter
bullet   Components, electronic
bullet   Components, hydraulic
bullet   Couplings and fittings
bullet   Cylinders
bullet   Engine Monitoring Equipment
bullet   Fans, cab
bullet   Filtration systems
bullet   Fire extinguishing systems
bullet   Fuel injectors / carburetors
bullet   Hitches, all types
bullet   Hoses and tubing
bullet   Hydraulic power units
bullet   Idlers and accessories
bullet   Lubricants and lubrication systems
bullet   Motors, electric
bullet   Motors, hydraulic
bullet   Nylon and thermoplastic parts
bullet   Outriggers
bullet   Reversing / Back Up alarms
bullet   Roll over protective structures (ROPS)
bullet   Seals / gaskets / O rings
bullet   Seating assemblies and suspensions
bullet   Switches / circuit protection
bullet   Tarpaulins / load covers / binders
bullet   Teeth, riggers and scarifiers
bullet   Tire / Tyre filling materials
bullet   Tire / Tyre protection chains
bullet   Tires / Tyres, highway
bullet   Tires / Tyres, off highway
bullet   Track pads
bullet   Tracks
bullet   Tracks, rubber
bullet   Undercarriages
bullet   Valves, all types
bullet   Wheels, rims, chocks, hubs
bullet   Window assemblies

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