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CONSTRUCTION, MINING & QUARRYING maintains a database of over 16,000 original equipment manufacturers and service suppliers to the construction, building, mining and quarrying industries worldwide.

Manufacturers and Service Suppliers


For details of original equipment manufacturers and service suppliers CLICK on a specific category. List items in CAPITALS shows all companies and can be large files.

bullet   Drill bit maintenance
bullet   Drill bits and rods
bullet   Drill inclination equipment
bullet   Drill rig accessories
bullet   Drill rig alignment systems
bullet   Drill rigs and jumbos, hydraulic and pneumatic
bullet   Drill rigs, blasthole drill consumables
bullet   Drill rigs, hydraulic
bullet   Drill rigs, pneumatic
bullet   Drill steel, rods, couplings
bullet   Drills, blasthole
bullet   Drills, hand-held
bullet   Dust collectors
bullet   Over burden
bullet   Raise / tunnel boring accessories
bullet   Raise Borers
bullet   Raise climbers
bullet   Roadheaders
bullet   Rock anchors and bolts
bullet   Scaling equipment (drilling)
bullet   Shaft borers
bullet   Shaft sinking equipment
bullet   Tunnel Borers
bullet   Under reaming

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