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Contractors World


Contractors World digital magazines for the construction and related industres are part of VVV Ltd - the parent company. is a trading name of 3V Limited, a company incorporated within the UK.  3V Limited is the holding company.


The concept for buyers' guides was first conceived in 1997 to meet a rapidly growing need for up-to-date information for specifiers and purchasers in industrial environments.  It was the intention of, right from the beginning, to differentiate itself from other directories by establishing a standard for others to follow -- and to provide the most comprehensive database.


The first buyers' guides cover the construction, building, mining and quarrying industries and are made up from a database of over 15,000 original equipment manufacturers and service suppliers around the world.  Over twenty thousand pages of information that are easy to negotiate. The information is also constantly monitored for accuracy.


(It is not our policy to include dealers and resellers in the PRODUCT LOCATOR but we realize that some companies make misleading statements when signing contracts for entries. 

Any such company will be immediately removed and barred from inclusion in any future participation, in any guise.)


Private finance initiative enabled the company to grow faster than would otherwise have been possible and other innovative digital products soon emerged in the form of Contractors World magazine which have rapidly established themselves as leaders.


CMLDIR.COM operates an 'open' policy.  

cmldir.comWe openly publish and promote the costs of participating in the 
       buyers' guides -- unlike so many others.  We believe such information
       should be openly available.

cmldir.comWe restrict the amount of advertising to enable users to quickly 
       find the information they are looking for. 

cmldir.comWe relegate listings to a simple company name when we have not 
      had verification of a company's address and other contact details



   Roger Lindley — Managing Director/President
           Tel: +44 1279 600598        

   Colleen Lindley — Company Secretary
           Tel: +44 1279 600598        





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